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About Us

About Us

starting out

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt


Hillarys Distillery is a passion project – a vision – that we are excited to finally turn into a reality. Here’s how it all began…

After dedicating many years of our lives to working hard and building our careers, it was getting hard juggling work and raising a young expanding family, we struggled to find the lifestyle balance and we wanted more out of life – more than just the daily grind!

The seed for our vision was planted…we knew that we wanted to start a family business, doing something we both love and building it from the ground up and together grow, nurture and potentially leave a legacy for our children.

It was during a family trip to Daylesford in Victoria in 2019 that our love of the alcoholic craft was apparent. We were inspired through our visits to craft distilleries, breweries, wineries and many dining experiences that led us to envision establishing our very own boutique distillery back home in Perth.

Fast forward a year later, a health scare in the family and growing uncertainty around the pandemic gave us the push we needed to finally sit down, reflect and assess our situation. We explored our options and purpose for our new family venture. We started to plan how we could take our dream for Hillarys Distillery and finally make it happen.

Between this turning point in 2020 and our launch in 2022, we’ve been busy behind the scenes, learning, researching, finding suitable distilling premises, obtaining the necessary permits and licences, designing and articulating our brand, and most importantly – perfecting our products!

We are excited to finally be out in the world and we invite you to join us on our journey.


Chris & Celina



Director and Head Distiller

Chris has been in the IT industry since 1987. With a wealth of experience in service delivery, project delivery and people management, he has also invested in many, many varied and interesting hobbies over the years.

A self-taught brewer/distiller, Chris is truly passionate about handcrafting and producing the high-quality products. All grain home brewer for nearly 18 years, he always managed to wow those who have tried his brews, with many suggesting he should start a business. When it comes to understanding and developing flavours, his palate is quite generic which means if he likes it, most other people like it. His thirst for the craft and know-how’s has lead to this distilling adventure. His focus on quality, documentation and repeatability of process is key in reproducing the hits and learning from the misses.


Sales & Marketing Manager

Celina has over 20 years of experience in the Hospitality sector as well as over 10 years in Science & Information Technology working in Quality Assurance (HAACP compliance) as an Analytical Chemist in Food services & productions then moving into outsourced IT services as a Snr Technical Lead. Self taught in small business development taking workshops via SBDC, online marketing and eCommerce,  and learning the ropes at The Distillers Institute (TDI)

For the past 12 years, our family has been extremely fortunate that Celina was able to be a full time Mum to the kids. This is not an opportunity every family gets and it is a very difficult role to manage successfully. Now that the kids are in full-time school, Celina has been up-skilling and keen to put her business abilities to good use.

Hillarys Distillery

Unit 2, 4 Glory Road
0423 371 612


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