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Almost There

Well, as of 16th January, Health have signed off (in the first week of January) and the food business registration is complete!! But …. the warehouse we are in has an unapproved mezzanine which we knew we had to get retrospectively approved before we started using it, however, it has actually been pointed out that it needs to be council approved before the Section 39 can be finalised. Fair enough too. 

Both the council and racing, gaming and liquor have been very helpful over the past couple of months. If our ducks were in order, it would have been quite a painless process. Anyway, the warehouse owners had already reached out to a builder in mid December to assist with modifying the mezzanine to add some proper stairs, as well as getting a surveyor to work with council on the approvals. This has now become a critical path activity since we cannot get the liquor licence (ability to sell) without the Section 39. 

Oh well, everything else is in place and ready to go and the additional time will allow us to sort out the closed loop cooling system we have in place. We finished the sacrificial alcohol run over the weekend so the still is now all good to go. Not many tasks left before we are there.

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