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Local Government

As at 5th December 2021, we’ve now had some dealings with local government, both at council and state level.

The ATO approved our application for a licence to manufacture alcohol in early November 2021, so it was time to move onto getting council approval and state liquor licence approval.

We submitted our Section 40 application (planning approval) and the council signed off on it pretty quickly. We then had to move onto submitting a food business registration along with the Section 39 (council health and building approval).

The council sign-off are key documents when applying for the state liquor licence so in tandem with the council process we kicked off the liquor licence application.

Apart from the council signoff and various forms providing details of the applicants, mandatory training is a requirement. Chris has passed his Responsible Serving of Alcohol and Approved Managers courses.  This is all required to be passed along to finalise the actual liquor licence that will enable us to sell our products, (at this stage we can manufacture only).

It really has been quite a painless process and both the local council contacts and the racing, gaming and liquor folk have all been very supportive and helpful. A lot of the delays are down to us just not being ready for final assessment. Getting the training out of the way while waiting on the ATO approval would have been a smart thing to do.

The still has arrived along with a lot of other bits and pieces required to become operational.

Celina has been capturing photos and video footage of lots of stuff and will be working on turning this into a proper website in the new year which is when products should be available for sale. It’s nearly a reality and we are both so excited!!!!

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

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