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So February saw the required modifications to the mezzanine completed and retrospective approvals submitted to council. On 10th of March the warehouse received council approval and the Section 39 arrived. Section 39 was submitted to the Racing, Gaming and Liquor and the wait began.  Woohoo!! We received our liquor licence on 21st March 2022 and […]

Well, as of 16th January, Health have signed off (in the first week of January) and the food business registration is complete!! But …. the warehouse we are in has an unapproved mezzanine which we knew we had to get retrospectively approved before we started using it, however, it has actually been pointed out that […]

As at 5th December 2021, we’ve now had some dealings with local government, both at council and state level. The ATO approved our application for a licence to manufacture alcohol in early November 2021, so it was time to move onto getting council approval and state liquor licence approval. We submitted our Section 40 application […]

There are many steps on this journey required to be completed before our products hit the market, but we are on the way: We’ve created the business plan, reviewed it, revised it, revisited it and it is now at Version 1.0. We’ve identified the equipment we’ll need. We’ve mapped out the start-up activities. We’ve identified […]

After talking to each other for years about starting a family business that could act as a legacy for our children, as well as give them the opportunity to work for themselves rather than working for someone else, we couldn’t work out what that business should be. We always wanted a business which created something […]

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