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The First Steps

After talking to each other for years about starting a family business that could act as a legacy for our children, as well as give them the opportunity to work for themselves rather than working for someone else, we couldn’t work out what that business should be.

We always wanted a business which created something that would bring joy to ourselves and others.

Chris has been creating home crafted, all grain beer for the past 16 years and his attention to detail, focus on repeatable process and quality control has resulted in so many comments of “you should open your own brewery!!”. Setup costs and space requirements seemed prohibitive, so it was always a non starter.

For the past six years, Chris has been researching distilling and spirit manufacturing processes and his level of interest and excitement has been building and building to the point that we realised we’d found something that could leverage his experience in producing high quality beers.

After all, there is a huge overlap in the mashing and fermentation processes used for both beer and whiskey. So we agreed it was the business that we wanted to pursue and we decided we should investigate opening our own micro distillery!!

Since then, we’ve visited a number of local distilleries to try and get some insight into what it will be like and each producer we’ve come across has the same story. When you’re doing something you love, it doesn’t feel like work.

Great whisky takes time to create and we both love a high quality gin so, we will be start this journey by focusing on creating a great gin that we love to drink. This will make use of the palates of both Celina and Chris to formulate the various botanical blends that will result in some high class spirits. We will focus on getting our signature gin just right before moving onto other formulations and a number of seasonal series.

Once we have the gin under control, we will then look at accessing some of the excess wine production in the region to produce some great brandy as well as sourcing locally produced grains from the Western Australian wheat belt to craft some excellent whisky.

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